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Tävlingskalender 2023

Alla tävlingar - Offshore

Från datum Arrangör Gren Namn Tävlingsbana Tävlingsinfo
2023-09-09 Sportbåtsklubben Offshore Saltsjöloppet Sjön Visa
2023-08-12 Kungliga MBK Offshore Smedjebacken (SM) Smedjebackens hamn Visa
2023-08-04 Öregrunds RK Offshore Roslagsloppet (SM) Rosis Visa
2023-06-06 Öregrunds RK Offshore Avrostning Öregrund Peters svängbana offshore Visa
2023-05-27 Östhammars SS Offshore K-racet Östhammars GP - offshore Visa
2023-05-05 Sportbåtsklubben Offshore Träningshelg loftahammar loftahammar Visa

Team B-32 and

In every team, there is a pilot and a co-pilot. Lina Hamrén serves as the pilot for boat A-38, while Rasmus Hamrén pilots boat B-32. Lina began her racing career in 2016 and partnered with Jenny as her co-pilot in 2018. In 2022, Lina teamed up with a new co-pilot, Wilma Jansson, and together they have already achieved the title of Nordic Champion in the 3A class.

Rasmus Hamrén has been a pilot since 2011 and has competed in various classes, including V-50, V-115, 3A, and 3B. Since 2017, Rasmus has been joined by the highly skilled co-pilot Madeleine Samuelsson. Throughout his career, Rasmus has won gold in Swedish, Nordic, and European championships. Although he has not yet secured a gold medal in the World Championship, his 2022 silver medal is undoubtedly an impressive accomplishment!